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Phenomenal Results, and Professionally Trained!
Although everyone will receive a customized treatment,
here's a choice of several massage modalities.

MYOFASCIAL THERAPY- This massage is used to treat muscle tightness and restriction. It'll help improve circulation, improved range of motion and stretches.

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY- Pressure points is a tight area within muscle tissues that causes pain in other parts of the body.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: focuses on those deeper layers of muscle tissue which tend to hold a lot of tension that bothers us. The primary aim of this treatment is to help relieve muscles of this chronic tension- but its effect often achieve much more,  reversing poor posture,relieving chronic pain, and improving mobility. 

SWEDISH MASSAGE: Nice, long soft to medium pressure massage for relaxation and help reduce stress. Beneficial for both your therapeutic and relaxation needs.

SIDELINE PRENATAL: Gentle, relaxing treatment for any Moms-To-Be. A full length body pillows is used to keep you supported in a comfortable side lying position.

*Although massage may create some soreness during and following the treatment, most people experience pronounced physical and stress relief within the next 24-48 hours.

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