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It's important to not fearful about this virus, but also be cautious of our surrounding. 


MASSAGES WITH COVID-19 HAS CHANGED. This is what every therapist is facing, Sanitation, Protective equipment, session protocols before and after every client. I have attached links to every steps that is recommended by ABMP and County Of Sacramento.\

Wear a mask, everyone is required to wear a mask to and from the office. 

Pillows and sheets are tucked in my closet. I will bring and use them as needed. After every treatment, changing the sheets with clean hands. I will also be changing my uniform and mask between every client. 

Disinfectant  that I use in and around my office is EPA approved disinfectants:


Barbicide Concentarte-

BioCatch Hand & Surface sanitizer.  EPA Registration No. 6836-70

OdoBan disinfectant. EPA Registration No. is 66243-2.  30sec disinfectant:

Cleaning after every client would be light switch, door knobs, stools and height handles, face cradle, counter top, clothes hook, front door knobs/lock,  & restroom door knobs. 

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